Key People

Photo of Rev’d Alan Murray
Rev’d Alan Murray
Work Phone: 01924 893100
Categories: Clergy, Leadership
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Photo of Lee Maddison
Lee Maddison
Church Warden
Cell Phone: 07803 901004
Categories: Leadership, Warden
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Photo of Virginia Hashimi
Virginia Hashimi
Home Phone: 0113 2506161
Categories: Leadership, Warden
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Photo of Gavin Budby
Gavin Budby
TLG Centre Manager
Work Phone: 01924 895375 Cell Phone: 07969 089959 Website: TLG – The Education Charity
Categories: Leadership, TLG
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Photo of Michelle Newton
Michelle Newton
Community Project Co-ordinator
Work Phone: 01924 895634 (Haw Hill) Cell Phone: 07872 551640 Website: The Well Project
Categories: Leadership, The Well Project
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Our Mission Statement

A contemporary Anglican Church released by the Spirit to:

  • Serve our parish and the world with the love of Christ
  • Bring people to faith by living out the truth of the Bible
  • Work in unity to Enable, Empower and Encourage people along their spiritual journey
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