Jesus Shaped People – Week 3

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Today we conclude our section of ‘People’ with a look at how Jesus ‘scratched where people itched’. He was out there on
the streets with all kinds of people, and their needs became
his opportunity to touch them in body mind and spirit.

We also have ‘body mind and spirit needs’ – as do all whom we know and love. He is our friend – ‘by his wounds we are healed’. He brings such a deep experience of peace and well being to us, as we know that there is nothing we need ever fear.

Getting into a real relationship with him is the first step. He can then deal with the stuff that we have collected along the way – and give us that spiritual spring clean that we need. We will then discover that he will never leave us or forsake us – however bad things get!

Having sorted that out – he then invites us to get alongside people – and their real needs too – so that Jesus can use us for his healing work today.

Getting into that can be helped through our asking the following questions:

What experience do you have of being helped in your struggles?
How are we already ‘JSP’ in helping people cope with their struggles?
What other needs are present in our communities that we could respond to?
What kinds of needs in people are most difficult to respond to?