Jesus Shaped People – Week 7

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Team Building – Common Purpose

In addition to having a massively impressive ‘inclusive’ ministry that made all sorts of people welcome, and brought blessing to a remarkable range of people, Jesus also had a deliberate ‘exit strategy’. He recognised right from the start that a group of people would need to be called and equipped to maintain the work, and develop it after his departure.

In the next three weeks we will try to learn much from the way in which he dealt with this group.

Today we think about how he gave them a powerful sense of ‘common purpose’ – making sure that they were all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. We can see that this was done by the following methods:

He identified and worked intensively with the ones who would be the key leaders – Peter, John and James.

He gave twelve people a strong sense of being ‘chosen’ – and spent quality time with them, helping them to grasp what was expected of them

He worked with a larger group of disciples too – at least 70 of them

He was a brilliant role model that ensured they had a clear vision and purpose

He steadily developed their understanding – eventually challenging them to be willing to give everything they had for the Kingdom of God

We need to learn from all this, particularly asking some pertinent questions:

How is ‘Jesus Shaped People’ helping us to develop a clearer vision and purpose?

How would you now summarise the vision we have for our church?

Are we ensuring that all members of our church share a common vision and purpose?

Do we believe that in following Jesus God is calling us to change the world?

Are we willing to give sacrificially of our time and talents for his work today?

How can we include and challenge others to be part of this great work?