Jesus Shaped People- Week 9

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Team Building – Training on the Job
 We arrive at the nitty gritty – how do we equip people to get stuck into the work of Christian ministry, within the church, and outside it. It is easy and tempting to be passive – and let others do it! Sometimes clergy have preferred it that way! There is a huge reservoir of gifts and skills within our church family – but sometimes people lack the confidence, the authority or the training to use these in the service of Jesus.  

 There has also been at times a ‘turn up, pay up and shut up’ culture in the C of E. There are also many involved in Christian service that is ‘outside’ the church rather than within it. They also need to know that their church is prayerfully supportive of them in work that is often challenging and stressful. From the way in which things grew in the early Church certain things are clear:

Jesus’ way seems to include a bit of ‘throw them in at the deep end’ stuff!
They were all involved – using their different gifts and skills.

They often worked in pairs.

Jesus believed in them, and hugely encouraged them.

They learnt from their mistakes – and weren’t damaged by them

They gave generously in support of this work

Good leadership was a vital commodity.   

So – let’s explore this theme this week, in our worship and in our various housegroups – and move it forward! ‘Every member ministry’ is a great aspiration. We are all supposed to be on the playing field…..there should be no-one in the audience!   

Maybe the following questions could help us?

How do we encourage everyone to be involved in Christian service?

Is there a place for being ‘thrown in at the deep end’?

What gifts have you been given that you are using/could be using in his service?

What sometimes prevents us from ‘playing our part’?

What more would you like to do for Him – if only?

What kind of training produces the best results?

What support do we offer to those ‘on the coal face’?