Jesus Shaped People

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Jesus Shaped People looks at the life of Jesus in a fresh way. It asks ‘What would happen to our church if we based everything we do on the life of Jesus?’. Not only is it a radical way to handle the Gospels, it leads to a complete reorientation in our churches.

For this reason the core programme lasts for 15 weeks. Fully immersing a church in the teaching of Jesus can’t happen overnight. It takes time. By setting aside 15 weeks, we allow people the time and space they need to think in new ways and explore the radical transformation that Jesus brings.

And, of course, that means more than Sundays! At the heart of the programme are small groups, where as many as are able join together to explore the themes. We provide fully detailed small group resources with bible study questions, interactive exercises, prayers, activities and much more…

So … what happens next?
Starting on Sunday 12th April we will begin to explore the five priorities outlined in the course, followed by midweek groups to delve deeper into each subject.

Alan will be leading a group on Tuesday evenings and another daytime group.
If you are not a member of a housegroup and would like to join one, please sign up on the Welcome Desk.