Prayer Walk 2017






As part of our on-going commitment to our community, we would like to pray for every street in Normanton over the coming year. We will be praying using a list, which you can download below, week by week. Please join us as we prayerfully uphold the community. You may also want to actually walk the streets listed whilst you pray.


Some Prayers for you to use:

Lord God, you have taught us that we are members one of another and none of us lives to himself alone:
We thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities, and for all who serve its varied interests.
Help us, as we have opportunity,to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by love we may serve one another; for
the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Frank Colquhoun.

O God, the father of all the families on earth, by the presence of your Holy Spirit protect our families from all evil and strengthen us in what is good.
Enable husbands and wives to live together in mutual consideration, forgiveness and love, under the headship of Christ.
Grant to parents such heavenly wisdom as will enable them to give their children the correction and instruction that belong to a Christian upbringing; and to all children give the desire to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Llewellyn Cumings.

Download full list: