Spirit-filled Church week 7

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The gift of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost fulfils the promise of Jesus at the Last Supper, and before his Ascension (Acts 1). It also fulfils John the Baptist’s prophecy to his disciples, that Jesus would be the ‘baptiser in the Holy Spirit.’ It is also the response to the expectant prayer of the disciples, as they obeyed the instruction of Jesus to ‘wait in the city and pray. The Acts of the Apostles is really the ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit’ – ie Jesus continuing his work on earth, through his followers, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here is the heart of ‘Jesus Shaped People’.

We can reflect on the events of the ‘Day of Pentecost’, on how the Holy Spirit’s presence is frequently renewed in the early Church. We can also reflect on our need to maintain ‘expectant prayer’, our own experience of spiritual renewal, our need of a deeper refreshing, and our willingness for this, with all its implications.

We need to ask some questions of ourselves:

What can we learn from the early church’s experience of the Holy Spirit?
What is our own experience of the Holy Spirit – in our own lives, and in other people?
What experience do we have of ‘expectant prayer’ – how important is this?
How important is prayer for our church’s planning and equipping for ministry?
What are the barriers to being filled and refreshed in the Holy Spirit?
What difference does the Holy Spirit make to our church’s programme and ministry?