Jesus Shaped People – Week 4

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Teaching – Capturing Hearts

Hitler captured people’s hearts – and there are many today who also do it for evil intent. It is appalling to think that many justify acts of appalling cruelty as being something that God expects. The appalling state of life in Syria is testimony to this. When Jesus the Rabbi captures people’s hearts he does so to make us more like him – the most beautiful and perfect person who has ever lived. When our hearts beat for Jesus we find ourselves eliminating stuff that might otherwise lead us into evil retaliation or retribution.

Today therefore we can examine what motivates our hearts – what are we really wanting – and are things in their proper priority place.

Our readings remind us of who Jesus is – and his right to be our Leader – so consider these questions:

How has Jesus made us feel special? In what ways do we feel chosen by him? What does this feel like…….daunting?…..exciting?……demanding?

What does it mean for us today to be living ‘in the world’ but not be ‘of the world’?

How can we become more invitational and inspirational? How can we be used by God to capture people’s hearts and lives? Are we ready for this today?