Jesus Shaped People – Week 5

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Teaching – Unlearning

Most ‘un-learning’ is harder than learning. It is often easier to embrace new ideas than to let go of old and cherished ones – just as it is easier to start new things than to close old things down. But ‘un-learning’ is crucial – letting go of the opinions & ideas that can have no place in the Christian life. These tend to fall in a number of categories:

Getting rid of faith convictions that can have no place in the Christian life. Stuff like superstitious ideas and unbiblical belief etc.

Getting rid of prejudiced thinking – about other people’s ways and beliefs, especially things that relate to other ethnic groups

Getting rid of stuff that needs discarding from earlier experience and relationships… this can be moral issues or narrow minded vision and thinking…. sometimes this can even relate to our church worship….

Today we look at how Jesus broke through age-old customs when they had to be discarded…. Maybe the following questions could be of interest in this:

When did we last let go of some earlier cherished opinion?
Why is ‘un-learning’ so difficult?
How can we best help each other to ‘un-learn’ things that need discarding?