All Saints Parish Church, Normanton is a friendly and welcoming Anglican Church, committed to serving God and our local community. Our services follow traditional patterns but are lively and informal. In everything we do we place a high emphasis on the Bible, on worship & prayer and on building relationships. We would love to see you – why not join us?

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  • A Prayer for Pentecost
  • Jesus Shaped People – Week 6 Teaching – Story Telling Today, we conclude our theme of ‘teaching’ with a focus on Jesus as the world’s greatest ‘story teller’. He told ‘parables’ – stories with a hidden message. Parables are: Memorable and attractive, able to recalled easily. Accessible to everyone whatever their level of education or intellectual ability. Enabling people to ‘learn for themselves’ ...
  • Churches Together Service Sunday 31 May @ 6pm Normanton Baptist Church Guest speaker from the Leprosy Mission. Refreshments served from 5:30pm. All welcome!
  • Open Doors Our next meeting is at 10.30am on Saturday 30 May 2015 at Ginny’s home in Normanton.  We will be hearing about how Open Doors are supporting widows and orphans, and praying for these dear women and children.  If you are free come along and join us.  Birthday cards for the children who live in the Children’s ...
  • Adult Youth Club Our next event – Saturday 6th June at 6pm
  • Teaching – Unlearning Most ‘un-learning’ is harder than learning. It is often easier to embrace new ideas than to let go of old and cherished ones – just as it is easier to start new things than to close old things down. But ‘un-learning’ is crucial – letting go of the opinions & ideas that can have ...

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